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  1. INK-EEZE Tatuerings Bedövningsspray - Black Label

INK-EEZE Tatuerings Bedövningsspray - Black Label


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Killer Ink are delighted to be exclusive European distributors for INK-EEZE products.

The all new "Black Label" version of the INK-EEZE numbing spray has removed the vascular constricting component (epinephrine) of the regular INK-EEZE numbing spray, which was a trait desired by some, but not all, artists. This product can be used over and over without any changes in the skin consistency or colouring.

INK-EEZE have also added the healing properties of benzalkonium chloride, which kills 99.9% of microbial bacteria. This powerful 5% lidocaine liquid anesthetic is for use during procedures. It is safe for use on all procedures. INK-EEZE is a highly effective secondary anesthetic for use during painful procedures. It is fast-acting, easy to use and powerful.This product was produced because many artists were having an issue with the tattoo healing hard and getting scabs when using Vasocaine, or even with INK-EEZE Original Formula (aka OG Numbing Spray). INK-EEZE Black label numbing spray is Vegan-friendly and is available in different sized spray bottles for convenience.

As INK-EEZE Black Label numbing spray does not contain epinephrine, however, it does take longer for it to set into the skin and become effective. To maximize its effectiveness, we recommend the following steps:

  • First, spray on to broken skin.
  • Secondly, massage in to skin.
  • Thirdly, wrap with cling film and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • Finally, remove the cling film, wipe with green soap or equivalent and commence tattooing.

Some artists prefer to start a long session by applying INK-EEZE numbing cream first. Hours later when the cream starts to wear off (around 3 hours later, although results can vary depending on the person), artists can then safely use INK-EEZE numbing spray to re-numb the area being worked.

INK-EEZE pro-team artists include Roman Abrego, Mr. Scary, Rick Walters, Opie Ortiz, Clark North, Abey Alvarez, Dominic Vasquez, Nickhole Arcade, Ruthless, Rob Hill, Shaun Kama, James J. Peterson and Halo to name a few!... Impressive, hey!

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY: Check with client for history of allergic reactions to topical anesthetics before applying. Keep in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children.

WARNING: Avoid direct contact with the eyeball. If contact should occur, irrigate with copious amounts of sterile saline and seek medical attention.

DO NOT SWALLOW. If you should accidentally swallow this product seek medical attention immediately.


This product is highly effective on broken skin. Use INK-EEZE during tattooing, piercing or other broken skin procedures. INK-EEZE is a strong anesthetic, which hits quickly. Where speed of anesthesia and ease of use are important, just spray or wipe throughout your job, let sit 90 seconds, and you are good to go. Always remove the product thoroughly before tattooing by wiping excess product away. The healing of tattooing is not affected by its continued use throughout a procedure when used properly.

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